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As we all navigate these unprecedented and challenging times, we want you to know that we are working hard to maintain effective business operations and open channels of communication with all of our clients. Fortunately, we utilize and rely on technology as the backbone of operations for ABI. Our digital systems and virtual communications capabilities have allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently transition to a mostly remote working model. We are operating with our full capabilities and continue to provide the responsive and timely feedback we are known for.

Our team remains fully committed to providing our expertise in brokerage and advisory services, and serving as a resource for all relevant data and information. We will continue to help multifamily stakeholders make sound decisions in real-time, maintain maximum performance of their investment assets, and synthesize immediate, short, and long-term goals throughout this highly unusual time.

Quite simply - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU - in the best of times and the worst of times. Our seasoned advisors have been through it all. In our business, rents and occupancy are the pillars to stability. We are tracking both and can help you stay ahead of the changes in your submarkets.

It is time to think and act fast so reach out to one of our brokers over the phone or email. At the very least, you will enjoy a good conversation during these socially distant moments. We are all in this together. Here’s to strong health and rapid resolutions to the variety of challenges we collectively face. More power to all of you!

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ABI News | Drake, Hammond Named VPs at ABI Multifamily

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ABI Multifamily's Private Apartment Team for Phoenix Metro Promoted

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ABI Multifamily is Proud to Announce the Promotions of our Private Apartment Team for Phoenix Metro

Phoenix, Ariz. – July 29, 2019: ABI MULTIFAMILY — the Western US’ largest locally-owned, dedicated multifamily brokerage and advisory firm — recently announced the promotion of Mitchell Drake and Dallin Hammond to Vice President.

Drake and Hammond make up the firm’s Private Apartment Team (PAT). Joining in early 2018, they had closed a total of five deals, both on their own and in association with other ABI Multifamily advisors, before the end of June.

The Team exists exclusively to serve the needs of private, non-institutional buyers and sellers in the smaller-unit-count multifamily market, a specialty sector Drake and Hammond have shown exceptional prowess in serving. As of July 15, 2019, the pair had successfully managed 36 transactions made up of 377 units and totaling $37.6 Million. Another 10 transactions totaling $10.13 Million were in escrow.

“Mitch and Dallin have been an incredible success story at ABI,” said Senior Managing Partner John Kobierowski. “They came in as green Associates, but they were eager to learn the ins and outs of the business and to master the proprietary systems and technology that fuel our success. From the beginning, they showed they know how to identify and genuinely care for clients’ needs, and they were willing and able take advice and mentoring from our more seasoned advisors to get up to speed and charge ahead on their own in an impressively short amount of time.”

He continued, “We’re incredibly proud of what Mitch and Dallin have achieved, and elevating them to VP status is recognition they have earned, both for the volume of business they’ve transacted and their dedication to and advocacy for a client base that is all too often overlooked at other firms.”

ABI Multifamily ( is a brokerage and advisory services firm that focuses exclusively on apartment investment transactions. The experienced advisors at ABI Multifamily have completed billions of dollars in sales and thousands of individual multifamily transactions. ABI Multifamily incorporates a global approach with regional real estate expertise to successfully complete any type of multifamily transaction, regardless of size and complexity.


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