COVID-19 Statement from ABI Multifamily

As we all navigate these unprecedented and challenging times, we want you to know that we are working hard to maintain effective business operations and open channels of communication with all of our clients. Fortunately, we utilize and rely on technology as the backbone of operations for ABI. Our digital systems and virtual communications capabilities have allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently transition to a mostly remote working model. We are operating with our full capabilities and continue to provide the responsive and timely feedback we are known for.

Our team remains fully committed to providing our expertise in brokerage and advisory services, and serving as a resource for all relevant data and information. We will continue to help multifamily stakeholders make sound decisions in real-time, maintain maximum performance of their investment assets, and synthesize immediate, short, and long-term goals throughout this highly unusual time.

Quite simply - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU - in the best of times and the worst of times. Our seasoned advisors have been through it all. In our business, rents and occupancy are the pillars to stability. We are tracking both and can help you stay ahead of the changes in your submarkets.

It is time to think and act fast so reach out to one of our brokers over the phone or email. At the very least, you will enjoy a good conversation during these socially distant moments. We are all in this together. Here’s to strong health and rapid resolutions to the variety of challenges we collectively face. More power to all of you!

- The Team at ABI Multifamily

ABI Multifamily Minute | Episode 007 (12.21.2017) Interview with Neighborhood Ventures Co-Founders John Kobierowski and Jamison Manwaring

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ABI Multifamily Minute | Episode 007 (12.21.2017)
Interview with Neighborhood Ventures Co-Founders John Kobierowski and Jamison Manwaring

Hosted By: Ryan Smith, Vice President & Thomas Brophy, Director of Research

Neighborhood VenturesIn this episode of the Multifamily Minute Ryan Smith and Thomas Brophy interview John Kobierowski (Senior Managing Broker of ABI Multifamily) and Jamison Manwaring, Co-Founders of Neighborhood Ventures, about Arizona crowdfunding laws and the launch of Neighborhood Ventures, the states first locally-based real estate crowdfunding platform.

Click here to view Neighborhood Venture's first investment offering, Venture on Wilson, a 12-unit remodel and reposition in Downtown Tempe.

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